• Destined to a Career in Music with Jasmine Ortiz 🇵🇷🇸🇻🇪🇸

    Jasmine Ortiz (she/her) is  an independent artist that has gone viral. Jasmine was originally born without a voice but her parents knew early that she was destined for a career in music.

    In this episode we talked more about Jasmine’s journey towards the music industry and also as an advocate for social change.

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: medium.com/latinxinpower

  • Proud and Loud Accessibility Talk with Catarina Rivera 🇨🇺🇵🇷

    Catarina Rivera (she/her) is a public speaker and DEI (Diversity & Inclusion) consultant with over 14 years of experience in the public sector. She is the founder of Blindish Latina, a platform smashing disability stigmas through storytelling and advocacy.

    In this episode we talked more about disability awareness, inclusion, digital inclusion, accessibility, allyship, and advocacy.

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: medium.com/latinxinpower

  • Dismantling Traditional Therapy with Luis Cornejo 🇬🇹🇲🇽🏳️‍🌈

    Luis Cornejo (he/him) is a natural entertainer who enjoys making others laugh and feel inspired. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Luis works tirelessly to support the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. Luis is the founder of PsychoSocial Media, a mental health platform providing mental health articles and resources. He is also an Indigiqueer model who has a deep passion for fashion, visibility, and self-expression.

    In this episode we’ll talk more about Luis' journey into self expression and mental health.

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: medium.com/latinxinpower 

  • Product Management as you Have Never Seen Before with Aline Baldino and Talita Morais 🇧🇷

    We talked with two amazing Product Managers part of the nonprofit Mulheres de Produto, Women in Product community in Brazil and also co-writers of their most recent book launch!

    Aline Baldino is a Product Manager at Super Dispatch, and Talita Morais is a Product Manager at Get In and also the VP and Partnership Director of the nonprofit Mulheres de Produto.

    In this episode we talked more about their careers in Product Management and also their work for Women in Product community and their recent launch, the book “Product Management as you have never seen before?”, the first book about Product Management written by women published in Brazil. What a milestone! Fun fact, our host is also a co-writer of this book.

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: medium.com/latinxinpower 

  • Time and Energy are Precious Resources with Ish Verduzco 🇲🇽

    Ish Verduzco (he/him) is a Community Leader at a16z Crypto and also a Web3 Marketing Strategist at IV3 Media. He graduated in Business Management with a minor in Sociology from the University of California, Merced. Ish has consulted 50+ web3 & NFT startups already, toured the U.S. as a DJ, worked at LinkedIn & Snap among other things.

    In this episode we talked more about important and trendy things that are happening now like cryptocurrency and web3. Ish will share more about his journey and how you can get into the crypto world!

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: medium.com/latinxinpower

  • Tech has the Ability to Change our Generational Wealth with Alejandra Budar 🇲🇽

    Alejandra Budar (she/her) started her career working in the healthcare field, but after a quick stint working at a tech company’s clinic and a gap year in Italy, Ale fell in love with the Data Science world. Now she’s a Data Scientist at LinkedIn. Ale leverages her passion for data storytelling, as well as her ability to speak Spanish, French and Italian to excel on international projects and cross-cultural teams.

    In this episode we talked more about Alejandra's perspective of being a first gen who started working in the healthcare field and pivoted into the Data Science industry.


    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: https://bit.ly/3UmMAOu

  • From corporate tech America to building her own body care brand with Karla Aguilar 🇨🇷


    Karla Aguilar (she/her) is a recent entrepreneur who left her tech job to launch her own body care brand. She's the founder of CLUB PIEL, a genderless and inclusive subscription based body care brand in Latam and in a previous life a senior strategic partnerships and business development manager in tech.

    In this episode we talked more about Karla’s journey entering corporate tech as a Business Developer and also leaving tech after many years, doing a sabbatical during the pandemic and launching her body care brand.

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: https://bit.ly/3AVB8SF

  • BONUS: Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World with Darius Gant 🇨🇴

    Darius is a founder at Tesoro AI and a podcast host at the Darius Gant Show. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and a MBA in Finance. Darius inspires people through his journey from a pro athlete to Columbia MBA to private equity investor to tech leader and founder.

    In this episode we talked more about Darius' journey leaving a top venture capital firm to focus on entrepreneurship in artificial intelligence, and also why and how AI is changing the world.

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: https://bit.ly/3qzgxxp 

  • BONUS: Leading Diversity & Inclusion with Pamela Burga 🇵🇪🇲🇽

    We talked with Pamela Burga, a Senior D&I, Diversity & Inclusion, Partner at Tesla and leads D&I talent development strategy. Fun fact: Pamela is also a classical trained lyrical soprano.

    In this episode we talked more about transitioning careers and industries since Pamela has driven individual and organizational performance in a variety of industries. We also talked more about her work as Diversity & Inclusion leader.

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: https://bit.ly/3IP0KCL

  • Allow Yourself to Experience Your Emotions with Angel Aviles 🇻🇪🇵🇷

    We talked with Angel Aviles (sher/her) who boldly decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. A Bronx native, moved from New York City to Hollywood and landed roles in projects with up-and-coming directors like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and many others. Following her acting career, Angel became an entrepreneur. Today, she's a transformational life coach, a motivational speaker, and an advocate for social justice.

    In this episode we discussed mental health. In 2009, Angel suffered from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, which was when she began her own journey of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. 

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: https://bit.ly/3ow0pgJ 

  • Making History in the Gaming Industry with Carolina Acosta 🇨🇴🇩🇴

    Carolina Acosta (she/her), is a Latina entrepreneur from Queens NY with a background in graphic design. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design. Carolina launched a game dedicated to Latinos and she’s making history in the process since the gaming industry is white, cisgender, male-dominated, and often overlooks people of color and women. 

    In this episode we talked more about entrepreneurship. This year we have been enjoying learning from other Latinx entrepreneurs. We hope this conversation can inspire other folks that are also thinking about entrepreneurship and don’t know how to start.  

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: http://bit.ly/38NiayI

  • Finding your Good Girl Myth with Majo Molfino 🇦🇷

    We talked with Majo Molfino (she/her), a Latinx author, designer, and women’s leadership expert. She is the author of Break the Good Girl Myth and host of the HEROINE podcast featuring top female leaders, creatives, and visionaries. She has a master’s in learning, design, and technology from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in cultural studies from McGill University. 

    In this episode we discussed more about Majo’s book, Break the Good Girl Myth, where she explores the five myths we tend to follow which are Rules, Harmony, Logic, Perfection, and Sacrifice. 

    Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview: https://bit.ly/3ylTKI0